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Ashlee is Mama of one darling boy. A 28 week early bird, now 1 and some change, doing beautifully. She lives near Chicago with her sweetheart husband and French Bulldog. She's a thinker not afraid to get her silly on. Babywearer, veggie queen, photography nut. Before the domestic days Ashlee was pursuing a future in developmental psychology but has happily shifted gears in favor of staying at home and couldn't imagine doing anything else. In her free time (ha!) you can find her whipping up babyslings, holding down the fort at Mama Speaks and spotlighting as an Itsy Bitsy Yoga Instructor.

Labor Day

Cook-out Schmook-out. We're all about the Dino's today.

And yes, I know, I really need to post about our trip.

Here's hoping it truly is "labor day" for this lovely mama!

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  • Blogger Glass Half Full says so:
    8:27 AM  

    All work and no play makes mommy a happy gal!!

    Lori top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    11:20 AM  

    Well, so far no labor. I keep thinking the 10th in my head, but oh I will not be happy if I'm preggo for another week!!! Have fun today! top

  • Blogger Adventures In Babywearing says so:
    12:15 PM  

    Yes- I agree! I hope it's Jaymi's day!!

    Steph top

  • Blogger Arianne says so:
    1:23 PM  

    i went into labor on labor day 5 years ago this Wed. it makes for good story telling... top

  • Blogger Amber says so:
    9:40 PM  

    WOWOWOW! I love the new look! top

  • Anonymous Bea says so:
    9:56 PM  

    That's cute. The dino trip. I thought the link was going to show a clip of Xavier doing the dino walk. :) top