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Ashlee is Mama of one darling boy. A 28 week early bird, now 1 and some change, doing beautifully. She lives near Chicago with her sweetheart husband and French Bulldog. She's a thinker not afraid to get her silly on. Babywearer, veggie queen, photography nut. Before the domestic days Ashlee was pursuing a future in developmental psychology but has happily shifted gears in favor of staying at home and couldn't imagine doing anything else. In her free time (ha!) you can find her whipping up babyslings, holding down the fort at Mama Speaks and spotlighting as an Itsy Bitsy Yoga Instructor.

Where is Your Mind? *Updated*

Seriously, close your eye's and point to where your mind is (which part of your body contains your mind...). I obviously can't see you so let me know (and no changing your answer after you see other responses!)... I'll elaborate soon!


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  • Blogger Adventures In Babywearing says so:
    8:05 PM  

    I am trying to answer this, and not sure if this counts, but my mind is literally blank right now. (Fatigued a better word?) If I really scrounge something up it's thinking about the brownies baking in the oven right now...

    Steph top

  • Blogger isunshine says so:
    9:14 PM  

    OK, I'm not sure how to answer this. When I closed my eyes, I could swear that my eyes "looked" up and to the right. I was thinking about going downstairs and having a snack. top

  • Blogger New Mama's Nest says so:
    9:52 PM  

    This comment has been removed by the author. top

  • Blogger Lynanne says so:
    10:20 PM  

    My mind these days is the wandering sort. My mind is on my children...it's on what to make for supper...it's on the stale bit of food the baby just picked up from the floor and ate...oh yeah, you asked what part of my BODY contains my mind. I'm going to have to answer my pelvis - right behind my pubic bone, in fact. Before you delete this for being too kinky, I assure you, it's completely g-rated. (unless you count the act that put my mind there). I once heard that pregnant women lose their minds to the head in their pelvis. I can't remember what it's called exactly. Something like "head in the pelvis syndrome?" Yup, all 4 of my babies have taken a piece of my mind, bit by bit :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10:32 PM  

    I'm confused. We're supposed to close our eyes and point to where our mind is? I closed my eyes and pointed to my head. Above my right eye is actually where my finger landed, but these other comments are throwing me off!! Were we supposed to point or think?? top

  • Blogger New Mama's Nest says so:
    11:11 PM  

    Jaymi (Flip Flop Mamma) you got what I was after! Although the other responses have been VERY amusing! top

  • Blogger Adventures In Babywearing says so:
    11:19 PM  

    Hahaha- ok, I understand now. I pointed to my heart... sound like me?

    Steph top

  • Blogger Sara says so:
    11:43 PM  

    Got here via the Blog Party, had to participate. When asked this question, I automatically pointed to my middle chest. Wonder what that means?

    Come on over and visit me at The Estrogen Files top

  • Blogger Heidi says so:
    12:00 AM  

    I too was getting confused by the comments. My first (and typically wishy - washy self) instinct - and I'm going out on a limb here - is that my mind is my whole body. Head, heart, hands, feet, it's all connected after all. All I know is that I can think about something in my mind and feel it in my heart, or hands or wherever...yes you can call me crazy since maybe if I could get myself to go to bed and get more rest I'd be more coherent!!! top

  • Blogger isunshine says so:
    7:32 AM  

    I pointed to my head...above my right eye. I'm still a little confused, but very ingrigued! top

  • Blogger Adventures In Babywearing says so:
    9:46 AM  


    Please be sure to check out a fun Bump! Photo Tag going on tomorrow! I’ll have a linky up … hope you’d like to play along and post your favorite pregnant belly pic!

    Steph top

  • Anonymous O Mama Mia says so:
    1:24 PM  

    Uh left temple is where my finger landed, but had I taken a second longer to think about it, I would go towards my heart, too.
    "WHAT are you getting at???", asks the donkey following the carrot. top

  • Anonymous Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats says so:
    3:57 PM  

    Ok...I pointed to my head around my left templish area. top