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Ashlee is Mama of one darling boy. A 28 week early bird, now 1 and some change, doing beautifully. She lives near Chicago with her sweetheart husband and French Bulldog. She's a thinker not afraid to get her silly on. Babywearer, veggie queen, photography nut. Before the domestic days Ashlee was pursuing a future in developmental psychology but has happily shifted gears in favor of staying at home and couldn't imagine doing anything else. In her free time (ha!) you can find her whipping up babyslings, holding down the fort at Mama Speaks and spotlighting as an Itsy Bitsy Yoga Instructor.

New From Nest!

I am pleased to introduce our new line of handbags available from Nest! These roomy totes are available in all of our handsome fabrics. Enjoy!


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  • Blogger Adventures In Babywearing says so:
    10:27 AM  

    Oh gosh, my heart skipped a beat a little! Seriously! That is beautiful! You are so talented!!

    Steph top

  • Anonymous Keri says so:
    11:02 AM  

    Whee! I just ordered the chocolat tote! Can't wait to get it and use it! =D top

  • Blogger Robin says so:
    11:40 AM  

    I was just going to e-mail you.... These look GREAT!!! I might need a couple. A girl can never have too many bags!!!! top

  • Blogger amy says so:
    4:08 PM  

    This is soooo exciting! I have to decide which one to get! Decisions, decisions...

    Congrats on the "expansion"!! top

  • Blogger Heidi says so:
    7:55 PM  

    These look terrific!!!! You really do have talent! top

  • Anonymous Mama C-ta says so:
    9:22 PM  

    What?? I had no idea you were really going to start selling these! Oh man, I need one...but which?? I might need to send you some custom fabric, I want the chocolat but Keri has it now ;) Ah heck, who cares! I will wait until your back from vacation though :)

    OOOOH! Cherry Bomb would look KILLER!! top