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Ashlee is Mama of one darling boy. A 28 week early bird, now 1 and some change, doing beautifully. She lives near Chicago with her sweetheart husband and French Bulldog. She's a thinker not afraid to get her silly on. Babywearer, veggie queen, photography nut. Before the domestic days Ashlee was pursuing a future in developmental psychology but has happily shifted gears in favor of staying at home and couldn't imagine doing anything else. In her free time (ha!) you can find her whipping up babyslings, holding down the fort at Mama Speaks and spotlighting as an Itsy Bitsy Yoga Instructor.

So Big

The past few days have been full of all sorts of grown-up-ed-ness. First there was the standing... "I will have no more of this happily sitting business". The holding of hands and strolling is much less wobbly, in fact not wobbly at all- giving way to very certain flat footed stomps. Mr. Non-Mobile has also finely executed the "crawl"... arms up, flat on his belly, and only in reverse but a crawl none-the-less. And from sitting there is the maneuver I like to refer to as "the lean, reach, over one leg, on my belly, stretch and scoot" (really, you have to see it).

And it gets better! As of yesterday we have a perfect wave. The wave in some fashion has been around for a bit, it used to consist of an arm hesitantly outstretched towards the subject of his greeting, but now we have hand motion. And not the opening-closing cuteness some babies rely upon, Xavier has taken to the wrist wagging royal wave which is practiced with great frequency. Our prince has also uttered his first sign-language "sentence" a very proper, "Hello, dog", put together with a wave and pant directed at our dear Oliver. And just this evening after I'd entertained myself blowing raspberries on a chubby nekkid tum he pulled himself to my face and planted a fine wet raspberry on my right cheek, followed of course by a hearty baby laugh and another raspberry on mama's chin.

The jokes abound actually and the boy has an amazing sense of humor... fart sounds and bubbles on the nose never disappoint. Ahh... he's our boy after all.

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  • Blogger Staci says so:
    8:31 AM  

    Cherish every second Ashlee, they grow sooooo fast.

    I get sad just thinking of all the details I have forgotten of my older boys baby days. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8:53 AM  

    Oh, this makes me miss you guys so much more... he is growing up! Jeff was laughing at me because I get so excited when Gray waves bye bye or night night and he knows where his "nose" is, shakes his head for "yes" & can recognize dog & pig by pointing... I know they are little things but I am just giddy over it!! top

  • Blogger Jamie says so:
    9:47 AM  

    Cute post, Ashlee!
    I am amazed every day at how these little ones progress so fast.
    The "hello, dog" is just too sweet... top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10:49 AM  

    Wow, congrats...lots of milestones!!! Love the WW pic below too. WOW. top

  • Blogger Robin says so:
    12:39 PM  

    He looks so big sitting in his stroller. They really do grow too fast don't they? top

  • Blogger Cyclone says so:
    6:51 PM  

    He is getting *so* big. Watch, at the next meeting he'll be walking... ;) top

  • Anonymous O Mama Mia says so:
    2:27 PM  

    Oh I am sooooo baby-hungry! I miss all those amazing moments. WE mostly have screaming moments around here, with out little Starlet's terrible twos. :)
    Your prince is growing up sssoooo fast! But always quite the dapper lookin lil man! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:44 PM  

    He has such a sweet grin!!! top