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Ashlee is Mama of one darling boy. A 28 week early bird, now 1 and some change, doing beautifully. She lives near Chicago with her sweetheart husband and French Bulldog. She's a thinker not afraid to get her silly on. Babywearer, veggie queen, photography nut. Before the domestic days Ashlee was pursuing a future in developmental psychology but has happily shifted gears in favor of staying at home and couldn't imagine doing anything else. In her free time (ha!) you can find her whipping up babyslings, holding down the fort at Mama Speaks and spotlighting as an Itsy Bitsy Yoga Instructor.

Happy 7 months little man!

My darling boy turned 7 months old today... It's amazing how you transition from counting days, then weeks, and now months. Today also marks the 1 year anniversary of me finding out I was pregnant...

David had just left to spend a week in Portland and I was feeling really queasy and out of sorts, so I stopped at the drugstore and bought an at home pregnancy test. To my surprise (joy, shock, tears!) it was positive, but in disbelief I ran out and bought 3 more tests and took them all... All positive! I was dying to call David and share the wonderful news, but couldn't bear tell him we were expecting our first child over the phone. I decided to wait until he came home (the longest weekend of my life!) and to make it worse my Aunt, Uncle and cousins were in town, which meant tons of family time with my lips sealed!

Here I am the day I found out with our new pup Oliver (and a bean in my belly) at the beach with my family (in hindsight my Grandmother swears she new!)... So glad I have a photo to remember this day!

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  • Blogger Adventures In Babywearing says so:
    3:29 PM  

    Oh I love this photo! How neat you have a memento to remember that day... oh and STILL with each of my pregnancies we are known to go crazy with the pregnancy tests. When will I learn if the first one's positive, then they all will be positive!!?? Happy 7 months!! top

  • Blogger Amber says so:
    10:04 AM  

    HURRAY CONGRATULATIONS! Though I find it amusing you wrote this on your blog before telling hubby. I am the Queen of doing that these days!

    Those babies will be awfully close together. A bit rough in the beginning but it'll pay off in the end! top

  • Blogger New Mama's Nest says so:
    10:59 AM  

    Oh, NO NO NO - no heart attacks please! - I am NOT pregnant again! I was just reminiscing about the day I found out I was pregnant with Xav! (Thanks for the congrats though!) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1:28 PM  

    We found you through Avery. Just realized our boys have the same b'day...though mine was 6 days late.
    Yay! You can check out Evan Jake's adventures on
    Evan Jake's Mom top

  • Blogger Jamie says so:
    3:07 PM  

    Happy 7 months Xav!
    Isn't it weird to think that just one year ago your life was SOOOO different? top

  • Blogger Heidi says so:
    5:42 PM  

    What a great pic, you look SO happy! Cute puppy too! top